Best Juicing Option For Leafy Green Vegetables

NC800 leafy green juicing

As we discussed in our previous article, leafy green vegetables are a wonderful source of the vitamins and minerals that your body needs. The only major drawback is that eating them regularly can be quite a chore. This is why we recommend investing in a quality juicer to get your daily dose of green veggies. While centrifugal juicers are able to juice these types of foods, they are not as efficient and do not produce as high of a juice yield as masticating juice extractors. If you get a juicer and you plan on using it for green vegetables, then this is the type of juicer you will want to buy.

The NC800 from Omega is one such masticating juicing machine that was designed to handle this type of produce. Omega juicers are some of the best rated juice extractors on the market and they garner excellent scores from owners for their performance juicing kale, spinach, chard, lettuce, and even wheatgrass. The NC800 is a newer model that includes some added innovations to help increase juice yield and make the entire process a little faster. Here is a quick review of one of the newcomers that has quickly made a name for itself.

Features of the NC800

Omega NC800 Juicer enables you to enjoy healthy juicing. The heavy duty nutrition system extracts fruit juice from both hard and soft fruits, vegetable juices from all kinds of vegetables and wheat-grass or leafy green juice from some of the natural products that can be juiced such as kale, spinach, cabbages and pine tree needles. You will also be able to make baby food, almond milk, soy milk, all natural kinds of butter and a variety of healthy snacks.

Low-Speed Juicing System

Omega NC800 operates at low speeds of 80 Revolutions per Minute (RPM), minimizing heat build-build and oxidation. The nutrients are therefore protected and retain their nutritional value and flavor. The low speed also minimizes the overall noise level of the juicer, which remains constantly low even if hard food like nuts or carrots are fed into the juicer.

Easy to Clean

Its parts are easily removable and can be cleaned by placing them on the top rack of your dishwasher. Thoroughly wash parts by immersing them in warm water, which is diluted with one or two drops of dish-washing soap or baking soda for approximately 30 minutes.

Large Feed Chute

Larger vegetable and fruits can be easily fed into the masticating juicer without having to cut them into small pieces. This will save your time, especially if you juice a lot of produce for your family at once.

Adjustable Settings

The adjustable settings increase the overall juice yield. You will adjust the speed at which the pulp exit the juicer by dialing the adjustable settings either up or down based on the type of fruits or vegetables you are juicing. If it’s hard food such as carrots, set the dial to 5. For softer produce, lower the dial to 1. The highest setting is useful in restricting the pulp rate and helps in building pressure which results in the increase of juice extraction and maximization of juice yield.

Dual Stage Masticating Extraction

This is the most efficient way of extracting juice from greens, fruits and vegetables as it leads to high yields, leaving almost dry pulps which are ejected automatically during the juice extraction process. The ingredients retain essential nutrients, vitamins, and their natural flavor.

Other Features

• Supports continuous juicing with automatic pulp ejection

• It has 6-nozzles and 2-juicing screens

• Require power of 110V

• It comes with 15 years warranty.

• The auger system is excellent at forcing produce into the tight chamber, grinding and then pressing food in order to squeeze out juice even from items as fine as leafy vegetables and wheat-grass. Making your favorite green power juice recipe is a breeze due to the powerful auger used to extract juice from the pulp.


  • It yields a good amount of juice. It gets the most out of fruits and vegetables
  • The end cap lets you decide the amount of pulp you want in your juice.
  • It comes in two colors; silver and red.
  • The ideal weight of 20 pounds makes it portable.
  • The juicer is easy to operate.
  • The 80 RPM also helps in energy conservation which saves users on power bills.


  • Its market price is a little bit high compared to the older models.


Although this model is relatively new to Omega’s line of masticating juicers, it has already risen to the top and it is one of the best rated masticating juicers that are currently available. Users have responded rather nicely to its wider feed chute and its adjustable end cap, both of which help make the juicing process more efficient. It has an excellent reputation so far with those who bought a juicer to handle leafy greens as well.

If you have been planning to get into the world of juicing fruits, vegetables, and leafy greens or you would like to upgrade to an efficient juicer that will provide the best solution to your juicing needs, then all you need is Omega NC800 Juicer. Check out the video below to see exactly how well this masticating juicer performs making some healthy green juice.

The Right Convertible Child Seat Can Make All The Difference For Your Family


Buying a convertible car seat is one of the more crucial purchase that you will make for your child in their first years. One of the goals of eating right and and exercising is so that we can live long and healthy lives so that we can be there for our children for years to come. Well, getting a quality child restraint seat is the best thing that you can do to ensure that they are safe and secure and that they make it to your golden years for you all to enjoy. The Diono Radian RXT is a one such car seat that we highly recommend because we have personal experience with this particular model. It has an impeccable reputation as being one of the best rated convertible safety seats on the market for its protection and comfort features. Kids love to ride in it and parents stress level is reduced knowing that their children are safe in something that is designed to minimize their exposure to the dangerous forces seen in various types of collisions.

For parents looking for the ultimate protection for their kids while riding in the car, the Radian RXT is an excellent option. It has performed extremely well for owners and is one of the best convertible safety seats for children in 2016. Below are just some of the reasons that you should consider getting one of the seats for your vehicle.

Most Important Features

1. 5 Point Harness With A Limit Of 5-80 Pounds

This offers the highest weight limit currently in the market. The various harness points basically means that a heavier toddler will be able to stay in the seat long enough before moving to the booster.

2. Suitable Rear Height And Weight Limits

The design falls in line with the newly published American Academy of Pediatrics policies allowing one to keep infants on rear facing for longer. The seat not only accommodates tall toddlers but also gives more leg room offering a whole new experience to them.

3. Adjustable Height Positions

You got to love the new Diono RXT car seat model as it gives a variety of harness positions. What does this mean for consumers? Well, this means fewer headaches when shopping as any child would fit comfortably throughout the use of the seat.

4. Duo Recline Adjustments

The model offers two recline positions for forward facing but a different foot is used for rear facing. These simple adjustments are advantageous in that they can drop down and help increase recline to any angle as well as provide a better and easier installation process in some vehicles.

5. Crotch Strap Adjustments

The Radian RXT design comes with three different crotch positions increasing its consumers’ utility.

6. Adjustable Thigh Support

With the adjustable thigh support feature, the sides on the Radian RXT can be adjusted either side depending on the size of your child.

7. Guaranteeing Maximum Efficiency

For newborn babies, it is recommended that you should properly adjust the harness straps so as to fit the size of the infant. Do not forget to adjust the angle too to ensure your new born is comfortable.

Both the rear and forward facing may be uncomfortable for preschoolers. Perhaps trying the forward facing in harnessed mode would provide the best comfort level. Do not forget to adjust reclines as this will offer a significant level of bump enhancing the child’s comfort.

For children above 7 years, booster will provide the best option to help accommodate their big size. Ensure you support the seat with anchors when in booster mode to prevent the seat from crashing.

Pros Of This Car Seat

  • The new design provides numerous benefits over R100 and R120 design. First, the Radian RXT seat provides a perfect fit as it provides a place for everything and all facilities are in place. This makes it very suitable to use for any sized toddler be it big or small.
  • It also provides high comfort levels to your baby with presence a well -padded cover with the mesh being only behind the infants head and hips.
  • So as not to induce claustrophobia, the new convertible car seat design comes in handy with infant support cushion and head rest. When using these facilities, caution should be taken to ensure the baby’s head does not fall forward onto his chest when in use.
  • The RXT design comes with a lengthy expiration period of about 8 to 10 years and airplane certification increasing your utility compared to the previous models.


  • Probably something you would not find interesting about the new model is that you would have to take the seat out and have the harness re-threaded when adjusting its height. This may inconvenience you a little bit when making these relevant adjustments.
  • Another con is that when trying to adjust the rear facing. It might be a little hard to tighten and you may need to pull the straps straight out and a little down to get the right fit.

Whether you are taking a quick trip to the supermarket or your are travelling across the country, the importance of having a quality car seat cannot be understated. The Radian RXT is a terrific option for parents that provides the safety and comfort features that will keep your child protected and happy.

Cooking With Convection On A Budget

Budget toaster ovens

The best way to eat healthy is to cook healthy. The convenience of fast food is quite alluring especially if most of your day is dedicated to a full time job and your family. While it may be fast, it is probably not going to be all that good for you. When you prepare your own meals in your kitchen you are in charge of the ingredients and you can include vegetables and lean meats to make something that is both delicious and healthy for your loved ones. One great way to reduce the work involved in making home cooked dishes is to use a convection oven. This method of cooking allows you to speed up the processes without sacrificing on taste. Rather than going out and spending a couple of thousand dollars to replace your full sized oven you could instead get a more budget friendly convection toaster oven for your countertop.

While they may be a bit smaller, they are quite capable of delivering some surprisingly mouth watering results that your entire family will enjoy. Modern toaster ovens have advanced to the point where they can really take the place of your full sized oven for most of your cooking needs. Sure they can make toast, but they can also roast, bake, broil, defrost, reheat, and cook anything that you can make in a standard oven. Add in convection functionality, and you have a truly versatile kitchen appliance that can transform the way that your family eats. Recent toaster oven reviews reveal that the top ranked countertop convection ovens cost between $200 and $300, which is truly a bargain for how much they will end up helping you in the kitchen.

What Is Convection?

This feature simply means that the air inside of the oven gets circulated around the food by means of an interior fan. This action helps ensure faster cooking times and enables food to get done evenly on all sides. Perhaps the only downside of this feature is that you will have to adjust your recipe times to prevent overcooking your food, which is a nice problem to have.

Top Convection Toaster Ovens

Below are just a few of the top ranked convection ovens that are currently available. They are generally in the same price range and they are some of the most popular choices currently on the market.

Breville Smart Oven Series

For years the Breville BOV800XL Smart Oven has been the benchmark for convection toaster oven excellence. This particular model is perhaps the best selling countertop option for many reasons. It’s stylish design, LCD display screen, easy to use controls, preset functions, and its cooking performance are just some of the aspects of this small oven that owners really love. Not one to rest on their laurels, Breville has also come out with two other convection ovens that add a little more functionality and an interior light. It’s convection cooking is a huge advantage of this oven as it works exactly as advertised and makes preparing full meals for your family less of a hassle. It’s non-stick surfaces and front crumb tray also ensure that it is easy to get clean. You really cannot go wrong with a Breville when it comes to any over their small kitchen ovens.

Cuisinart TOB-260

One look at the TOB-260N and you will see that they are trying to dethrone Breville from the top of the countertop oven mountain. This is one sharp looking appliance that fits right into any modern kitchen. It ups the ante by including 2 convection settings. It has many of the design aspects of a Breville including sleek stainless steal and a LCD display. Intuitive controls let you easily choose from its long list of preset options for optimal cooking. It has interior heat sensors to ensure even browning. It has not been out that long, but it is already making quite a name for itself. It has enough interior room to prepare meals for your family that are sure to love. This is another excellent option for anyone looking to get a convection oven that won’t break the bank.


We’ll end with another highly rated brand name small kitchen appliance maker. KitchenAid has thrown their hat in the ring with the KCO273SS (lousy name) convection toaster oven. While its name is uninspiring, its performance and options are another story. Again, this is another modern machine that offers stainless steel design and an LCD screen. It’s preset functions and convection cooking settings also live up to their hype. The price is similar to the other options above, which really makes choosing between them a difficult choice. However, you really cannot go wrong with any option.

Take back control of what you feed your family and prepare some of the healthiest meals that you can imagine in less time by getting a convection oven for your kitchen. The convenience, energy savings, and time savings make having one of these ovens on your countertop well worth the investment. There are plenty of high quality options out there that will be a fantastic addition to any type of kitchen. Take your cooking into the 21st century and put down the fast food.